Process Recorder/Scanner

The Recorder Comprises of User Interface Module and Process Interface Module. The User Interface Module is panel mounting unit that facilitates viewing and setting up the process values and parameters. The Process Interface Module is wall mounting unit that accepts process signals from Sensors / Transmitters and converts them in high resolution digital values. The two modules are connected using 2- wire communication cable. The modular design simplifies process cabling for easy and convenient installation.

  • 8 to 128 Channel Universal Process Monitoring with Alarms
  • Recording of Process values and Alarm Status
  • Continuous / Time Slot (Batch) Recording with Programmable
  • Recording Interval
  • Date / Time Stamped Records
  • Huge Data Storage Capacity (2 GB Memory, Approx. 38,56,000 Records)
  • Direct Data Transfer to PC via Pen-Drive (Memory Stick)
  • CSV (Comma Separated Values) formatted Records facilitates direct view in EXCEL sheet or NOTEPAD
  • Serial Communication RS485/232
  • Computer Software
  • Printer Output

Temperature Recorder/Scanner

4to16 channel Temperature Scanner
Input : Thermocouple / RTD
Alarm : High / Low
Serial Communication
RS -232 / RS 485 or Printer Output (serial Printer )

Sensor : J, Kttype Thermocouple , RTD PT - 100/3 wire
Scan Time : Adjustable from 2 to 99 sec
Auto / Manual Channel Scanning Facility
Accracy : ± 0.5 %.
Setting : Feather Touch Keys On Front Panel.
Supply : 230 VAC Or 85 to 270 V AC/DC SMPS

Temperature Recorder/Scanner

8to128 channel digital or analog Multiple input hardware support Thermocouple / RTd / voltage / current (factory set to be specified while ordering )
Data memory : 32 mb
Data Detail Record : up to 6000 lines
Optional : Upto 128 Channel Expanding facility